Just not a lot of activity to show.

But, I am somewhat active on here... about 3-4 times a year.

I still make music (a lot better than before), but have a nasty habit of not finishing any of it. I get it sounding awesome, then stop... I think it's a personal problem.

I do play the shit out of Xbox One though, so feel free to hit me up.. just let me know where you're from! GT: cybervegeto

Interested in commentaries recorded over FPS games?

2012-07-01 16:36:55 by cybervegeto22

Sup all,

Don't you find it entertaining when a beast gamer decides to go off on a random topic and put it over some gameplay footage?
Well I know I don't, but a lot of you do, so I've got just the thing to keep you occupied.


My buddy Paul and I do commentaries about pretty random stuff; everything from humorous jokes & skits to serious real-life problems in everyday life.
Paul (vocalist of my track "Paulie D-Beast") has been doing a lot of the commentaries for me while I've been out sick (as of July 1st), but I am comin back with a vengeance this week and will be bringing you guys some epic gameplay footage, broadening our horizon (no longer limited to FPS!).

We also own a server on Battlefield 3 for the PS3, called "WeaPwN GaMiNG." It's an all-Rush mixtape, so bring your bottles of Shasta, and LET'S ROCK.

Err wait a minute.... It's an all-Rush SERVER. So come check it out, and feel free to bring some Shasta anyway.

EDIT: That server is gone! In the meantime, I play pubs every now and then on BF3, and I feed people dust on GT5.
Watch for WeaPwN on Black Ops 2!!! I'll be at MLG Dallas in November, too!!

Other places to listen/watch/enjoy/rage at:

New tunes droppin soon

2010-10-22 18:23:44 by cybervegeto22

Rapping is running a lil slow, and I'm too busy to find the time to turn a crap mic into something beautiful.
So I have been working on FL and hope to release about 5 songs within the next couple weeks. I will probably release them all at once so that I have alot of spots on the New Submissions. ;)